About Us

Who is Geni?

Geni Law Office Software is a product of Geni Financial Services, Inc., who has committed decades to research, development and field testing of superior law firm software in numerous law offices throughout the Midwest.

Geni provides office automation software that has been developed over more than 20 years by a group of attorneys, accountants and software gurus, including a former IBM software/computer engineer and certified public accountant. Their goal was to have a practical method of having the untapped resources of main stream computers do the work for a law firm that a human normally must do.

The result is an indispensable, automated law firm assistant that will run on regular computers and use any operating system, including Mac, Linux and all versions of Windows. Geni can run alone or it can be networked to provide simultaneous, synchronized usage to an unlimited number of users.

Using remote access software, Geni will run in real time on any personal computer without the need of syncing or docking.

Geni’s principal has over 50 years of experience as a tax attorney, accountant, business owner, and management consultant. Geni’s elegant design emerged through his and his group’s knowledge and experience with all types of management and financial situations.

Other members of the team are experienced attorneys, accountants and business owners which makes them uniquely qualified to know what it takes to run an efficient and profitable law office.

Our software guru has decades of experience in software design and development, and his career with Geni has been focused exclusively on program development, systems design and support, and network maximization for law offices.

Also on our team is a certified paralegal who has decades of experience in business and law office management and administration.

Our team has worked with all types of office and law firm software, and we know that Geni stands alone against the competition. Geni has everything you need to increase profits, reduce expenses and increase workflow for the law office. Let Geni work for you for pennies per day!