If you handle Chapter 13 cases, you will need to do Post Confirmation work. Here is just a partial list of these actions:

  • Avoid lien or judgment
  • Incur debt
  • Approve home mortgage
  • Sell property
  • Defense of motion of relief from stay
  • Suspend payments
  • Tax refund-how to handle

The Bankruptcy Court has established a standard fee (No look fee) for each of these actions that they will automatically approve. However, this fee is normally much less than the time it takes you to do the work. The Court will allow you to itemize your time, which usually results in more than twice the “no look fee.”

Geni Law has a special part of the program that supports the “itemized” method of reporting your fee to the Bankruptcy Court. Usually DOUBLE THE FEE WITH HALF THE WORK.

Geni Law handles Bankruptcy (“BKR”) Chapters 7 and 13 case types – everything from Debt Schedules to Satisfaction of Judgment. The program is so easy to customize that by adding some stylized codes will allow Chapters 11 and 12 to the case types. There is even a “BKR?” to be used as a placeholder so work can be completed until it is decided which type of bankruptcy action should be filed. Changing the BKR case type is done with a click.

With the initial download, Geni Law is filled with dozens, if not hundreds, of Case Tasks – Billing Work Codes; e.g., letters, affidavits, motions, questionnaires, petition, etc. When you have created a New Client-New Case file and select BKR13 or BKR7 as the case type, Geni Law presents the case file auto-filled with these codes in the order they will likely be needed.

The documents related to Bankruptcy, including BKR13 Post-Confirmation, are not included with the initial download but are available for installation in OpenOffice for a fee. Geni can also convert these documents to Word compatibility, if necessary, on a fee-per-document basis.

Let’s take a look inside a Chapter 13 case file:

bankruptcy court case tasks

This is just a partial listing of the Case Tasks – Billing and Work Codes; the first tab in the case file and the location where all of the initial case work is completed. Notice there are two other tabs within the case file:

  • Bankruptcy Court Billing
  • Court Billing,

Here you see the Bankruptcy Court Billing screen for ease of tracking and billing for motions, etc., for the highly-specialized Chapter 13 Post-Confirmation work:

bankruptcy court billing

The billing process works exactly the same way as it does in Case Tasks – Billing and Work Codes, but it looks a little different. As you can see Geni Law provides ways for you to capture all of your billable work for Bankruptcy cases. Geni Law synchronizes case work, status and billing so anyone connected to the network can access the case file and have instant up-to-the-minute case details.

Geni Law lowers overhead expenses because it is not limited to just your law practice; it is a self-contained, full-time office manager, special counsel manager, contract administrator, or litigation case manager.

Geni Law is fully-customizable and includes Client and Case Management, Trust Accounting, Time Billing, Automatic Collections System, Payroll*, Checkbook and Accounting, Calendar & Task Control, Email in Case File, In-House Direct Marketing, and Management Reports consisting of general financial plus unique financial, performance and advertising reports.

Geni Law supports an unlimited number of synchronized, simultaneous users, clients and cases, up to and including complex litigation. Data is entered once and made available to all features of the program until changed manually, and data changes are synchronized immediately in all databases of the program.

You own it, not dependent on the Internet, Geni Law resides on your office computer or laptop. The cost of the program is the lowest on the market!

$30/user monthly
(paid through LawPay)

USE THIS AMAZING PROGRAM and start saving money. No contract or maintenance plan and updates are free to paid subscribers. Stop anytime; download today — try it — you’ll like it!

To DOWNLOAD the software, or for a complete, detailed description of all of the other wonderful duties the program performs plus the training available, go to DOWNLOAD.


Geni Law uses any operating system, including Mac®, Linux® (nix) and all versions of Windows®. Mac® and Linux® require manual download.

Geni Law’s software is so extensive that the only equivalent software is too expensive for any solo or small-size firm. With Geni Law, you get large-firm practice management for just pennies a day.

Whether you are solo, a small- or medium-size firm, or a law firm with 100 or more simultaneous users, you cannot afford to go another day without subscribing to Geni Law to manage your practice.

Compare Geni Law Office Software side-by-side with any other law practice software, and you will see that Geni Law accomplishes more and costs less!