Geni Law’s Deadline Management System organizes and prioritizes case history, items completed and items to be completed for each case in chronological order by “Action Date.” Action Date is the most crucial piece of information in CaseWork Manager.

Action Date is the driving force of Geni Law’s success in prioritizing case work. When used properly, your firm will avoid missed deadlines and complete assignments consistently.

The Action Date is the next date you want a case file to come to your attention to do work on a case item or assign the work to a particular individual. This date automatically translates to Action Alert dates and appears in the ACTION DATE field in CaseWork Manager, in the Alerts for Case Summaries (instant on-screen status of multiple cases), and the Alerts List (a printout of active cases in single line entries).

In the case file shown below, the attorney has inserted the Action Date of December 10, 2012 (highlighted here in red) in order to prepare, review and revise corporate documents required for a Board of Director’s meeting on December 31st.

Deadline Management

The Action Date provides you with instant at-a-glance knowledge of the case status, what work needs to be performed, and redirect work quickly in the event of unexpected absences due to emergency, accident or illness. Use the Action Date to coordinate calendars to assure coverage during vacations or in the event of a vacancy.

Case reports can be sorted and printed by Action Date (in addition to client, Division, or Rep). Choose to print the Alerts for Case Summaries or the Alerts List by Action Date at the beginning or end of each day to stay on top of daily assignments, revise Action Dates to adjust to changes in deadlines, or isolate key updates that must be made to maintain the accuracy and relevance of the client’s case file.

The Action Date default date is always the current date and will always appear as the current date until changed manually. The Action Date can be changed any time and is immediately updated and available for access by all synchronized, simultaneous members of the firm.