The Checkbook is another full-service feature of the Geni Law program. This feature contains all of the necessary aspects of the Accounts Payable function without the need of additional software or third-party applications, saving you valuable time and money,all in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures.

The Checkbook features the following functions which can be completed with a click of the mouse:

  • Write Checks
  • Post Deposits
  • Void Checks
  • Memorize Checks (eliminates repetitive check writing) A GENI LAW EXCLUSIVE!
  • Process Refunds, Credit to Client Account and Non-Sufficient Funds Checks
  • Process Split Entries
  • Auto-Reconcile the Checkbook
  • Post Journal Transactions to the General Ledger
  • Print Vendor IRS 1099 List
  • Create Vendor Information Database

Vital information about clients and vendors is entered once into the program and then served up to the various features of Geni Law to streamline check writing and correspondence duties, meaning you can write a check AND a letter to a vendor without leaving the Checkbook Register.

Included with the program are necessary general accounting reports: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Aged Receivables, and Cash Position. These reports can be printed on demand for any time period. There are no restrictions, and these reports provide vital, real-time data so decision-makers are well informed at all times.