Why pay monthly fees with outsourced payroll services? Save thousands of dollars with the Geni Law total in-house Payroll Accounting System. Finish payroll faster, on-demand and reduce your tax penalty risk. Eliminate excessive, stair-stepped fees and expensive software upgrades as your law practice grows, not to mention those pesky per-check fees.

Geni Law’s advanced payroll system gives you complete control of the payroll function for an unlimited number of employees, whether exempt, non-exempt or a mix of both. Your own staff will do the work generally performed by expensive outsourced services.

The Payroll Register keeps accurate employee/employer tax paying records at your fingertips. Payroll calculations and payments are recorded and used to generate the IRS Quarterly Form 941 thus eliminating the burden of manually calculating amounts and reducing the risk of human error.

  • Paychecks
  • Process payroll in-house
  • Calculate employee earnings and deductions
  • Print paychecks for an unlimited number of employees
  • Generate on-demand payroll reports
  • Create tax and earnings reports including IRS Quarterly 941 reports
  • Keep track of garnishments, workers’ compensation, and retirement payments

Provides Information for IRS and State Reports

  • 941 Quarterly Payroll Report
  • Federal Unemployment Tax Reports
  • State Unemployment Tax Reports
  • Print IRS W-2’s for an unlimited number of employees

The Payroll System can be purchased separately (see website for pricing). However, when integrated with Geni Law’s Checkbook & Accounting System’s General Ledger, Payroll automatically posts all payroll and employer taxes to the appropriate accounts and divisions saving you time and money!

The United States Payroll Taxes may receive major changes. If and when this does occur, we will make the necessary updates, notify you and make the changes available to you through our Internet Update process.

Geni Law supports an unlimited number of synchronized, simultaneous users, clients and cases, up to and including complex litigation; data is entered once and made available to all features of the program; and data changes are synchronized immediately in all databases.

Geni Law uses any operating system, including Mac® Linux® (nix) and all versions of Windows®. Mac® and Linux® require manual download.

Geni Law’s software is so extensive that the only equivalent software is too expensive for any solo or small-size firm. With Geni Law, you get large-firm practice management for just pennies a day.