Generally with any accounting software, whether it’s stand-alone or incorporated into a program, you will receive the much-needed and classic financial reports, such as: aged receivables, balance sheet, general ledger, profit & loss, and quarterly report.

But Geni Law provides you with the following unique and insightful reports free, not available anywhere else, at no additional charge to help decision makers move beyond ordinary to extraordinary:

Never miss a court filing!

Attorney Cases Needing Filing Report

Use regularly as an invaluable tool to keep you on top of cases that have yet to be filed with the court even though the client has fully paid. Even includes the Statute of Limitations date on each case where applicable. This report can be sorted to print in a variety of ways that you find most helpful: by Division (profit centers) , Rep, Client, Case Type, Court, or any of the other many options available to you.
Summary Report

On-demand report that shows the firm’s performance on a variety of levels for any time period. Show summary results by Division, Case Type or Representative. The report shows number of appointments made, number of appointments kept, number of WIPs, total charges, and total collections.

Create up to ten (10) fully customizable reports to track productivity for each Division, major case type or sub-groups within a Case Type. Case Type sub-groups are especially convenient for family and criminal law areas where case types are broken down into multiple sub-categories.

Another valuable aspect of the Summary Report is the ability to enter up to ten (10) Representative Codes to track productivity of billing professionals by Division. The full flexibility of the Summary Report also features the ability to set goals in addition to existing milestones to track expanded performance expectations.

Earned Fees Report

A comprehensive report detailing the client, case number, how much the client has been billed, how much the client has paid, the total amount of fees the firm has earned, the balance in the trust account, how much will be paid to the firm, and how much has been paid but not earned (overpaid). Can be printed anytime.

Provides up-to-the-minute, synchronized data by All Divisions and Client or by individual Division or Client in Full or Summary report form. The Full report shows the earned fees to transfer from the Trust Account to the Operations Account for each client by Division with Division totals and a Grand Total at the end.

Paid More Than Earned Report This is a necessity for the decision-maker who wants an instant trust balance report to monitor client payments deposited to the trust account for legal fees that have been paid but have yet to be earned. Report results can be tailored by division, case type and status code.
Status Analysis Report Offers decision makers essential, at-a-glance case progress information by focusing on the status code of each case rather than the case name or case type. The report also features two key dates: the date of the most recent change to the status code for each case (Status Date), and the WIP Date. Report should be reviewed daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to assure proper, effective and timely management of all active cases.
Collection Analysis Report Shows collection activity by Division, Case Type, Status, and Court; directs attention to areas of concern.
Billing Analysis Report Prints items billed to an individual or all clients for a desired date, and provides selections for one or all Clients, Divisions or all Representatives.
Case Analysis Report

This vital report provides key information for one or all cases that can be sorted in a variety of ways that best suit your needs:

Sort the Date by Action Date, Status Code Date, Filed with Court Date, Original Date, or WIP (retained) Date.

Print for any time period: the current date, previous week, month, etc.

Select one or all Divisions (profit centers) and Representatives (Attorneys responsible for the case).

Allows you to select one or all of the Case Types serviced by your firm, as well as the Case Status Code (codes that are entered manually through quick-pick lists for on-screen case status). Even allows you to skip a particular status code if desired.

You have the ability to add a Related Party by type and name in your report as well as a Court involved.

And you decide the print order of the report: by Action Date, Original Date, Filed with the Court Date, Status Code Date, Status Code, WIP Date, or Type of Case.

Related Party Analysis Report Attorneys retire, move out of state, and in some cases are appointed as judges and trustees. Under these circumstances it is important to keep the Related Party Information Database up to date, and using the Related Party Analysis Report is a simple way to identify records that need to be revised or deleted.
WIP Analysis Report Provides vital analysis of clients that signed a retainer agreement and made a first payment to the firm.
Court Docket Report A quick and easy way to view or print all court appointments or isolate the list by case type or court; can be printed on-demand for any time period.
Collection Analysis Report Shows collection activity by Division, Case Type, Status, and Court and directs attention to areas of concern.
Cash Position Report On-demand – shows current balance of all bank accounts by current date.
New Appointments Analysis Report Shows the number of new (potential) client appointments made in the program’s Calendar by Date and Case Type.
Case Completed Items Report Shows work items completed in CaseWork Manager primarily by Division, Date and Case Type. This report provides management vital productivity data in order to make well-informed decisions.
Source Report Automatically collects and sorts the source of new clients by Division. This information gives management the necessary tools to make informed decisions concerning advertising budget allocations. The report is presented by month and year and is most valuable when considering advertising strategies for the upcoming year.
Case Type Source Report Automatically collects and sorts the source of new clients by Case Type. Provides the Case Type, each of the various Source Types and the total number of each Case Type per month and the total for the month.

You can run your law practice without these reports. But what a difference it makes to have all of this valuable information to view or print on-demand. Unlike other competitors, you do not have to pay extra to get these insightful reports.