Geni Law has revolutionized repetitive document production for the legal industry.

Realize hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in Return On Investment in staff time alone when Geni Law streamlines your paper production. How you ask? This is completed through our unique Auto-Merge Documents feature saving you time and money, starting with our vault of Master Templates. Master Templates for Personal Injury are FREE with your subscription.

Letters and documents are merged faster than you can move your mouse to open them. Start creating case documents right away without fumbling through loose notes and eliminate costly errors. This is accomplished two ways.


Geni collects all case-related data entered once for merging, such as:

  • All saved client, co-client and case information when the case is created. This information is automatically saved in the client’s case file (“Client Information”);
  • Related Party(ies) and Court Information, if any, (profiles created during the Setup Process or new profiles specific to the instant case) (“Party Information”); and
  • Geni Law’s unique, fully-customizable Memorized Questions feature, available for every case file, presents a set of questions and you provide the answers that are unique to the instant case (“Case Information”). An example of Memorized Questions for Personal Injury would consist of:
Date, time, location, city, and county of the accident
Name and contact information for the other party
Name and contact information for the other party’s insurance company and the case I.D. #; multiple insurance companies may be involved
Name and contact information for the client’s insurance company and the case I.D. #
Name and contact information for the client’s medical provider(s)
Name and contact information for the client’s employer


In the case file select the desired  letter or document (Master Template) to be completed. The Client Information, Party Information and Case Information are merged instantaneously; and you are presented in a matter of seconds with either a document on plain white paper or a letter with the program’s letterhead that you created during the Download process, or your own letterhead design if you have one.

You have the ability to review the document on-screen to make changes, if any, before sending it to print. And, Geni won’t let you go without billing for the work first.

When completed and printed, the letter or document will be saved in the client’s case file as the document name, which Geni calls “work orders”, and a distinguishing number. The Master Template remains in tact in the Geni Law database in the event you need it again. No more re-opening the saved document or locating a similar document in another case file and revising it for the instant case. This is a major waste of time.

Geni Law’s Master Templates for documents and letters are available for purchase for all types of cases from Bankruptcy to Workers’ Compensation.

No worries if you have your own particular master templates that you would prefer to use. Our Support Team can train your staff quickly how to tailor your own Master Templates that Geni Law will recognize. Go to Training on our website for prices.

Over 20 years Geni Law has accumulated a vast library of Master Templates for documents and letters for use with all types of cases. PERSONAL INJURY MASTER TEMPLATES ARE FREE WITH DOWNLOAD!