Geni Law’s automated calendaring system is synchronized to the client’s case file to mitigate malpractice-related risks. You should also see an immediate reduction in your insurance premium by virtue of using the Geni Law program.

Geni Law’s at-a-glance, color-coded Calendar feature can be tailored to your law firm’s procedures to provide heads up reminders for looming deadlines and adequate time to accomplish the task associated with that deadline. This feature is especially good for your appointment-making staff, since it can be set up by attorney, and attorneys within a case type.

Calendar - all

Use the color-coded Calendar feature to show the difference between New Client appointment (Yellow); Existing Client appointments (Pink); Court Appearances (Blue); Other (Green) e.g., vacations or personal appointments; and time blocked for firm meetings or just your own personal time to complete assignments (Gray).

With a click of the mouse, your staff can use valuable codes to indicate whether an appointment is confirmed, completed, or in cases of a no show. Notice in the image above the “checkmark” (completed), “star” (confirmed), and “red circle” (no show or reschedule).

A criminal court appointment appears like this in the Calendar:

cal cmn

When making a criminal court appointment, choose the type of appointment from the quick-pick list. In this example, attorney ZQX is attending a Pre-Trial Conference. This appointment is automatically synchronized to the client’s case file shown below in the red box:

cal cmn caseAll of the “Z” items indicate work that has been completed and billed; this is a flat fee case (“MINFEE” in Geni Law). An “O” is used in the court appointment line to show that the task is yet to be completed and ready for billing upon completion.

The same holds true for Bankruptcy and Family Law court appointments. Here are some examples:

Bankruptcy Court – in this example attorney DAN is attending a 341 hearing. The quick-pick list shows the available choices of court appointments for bankruptcy matters. The appointment is automatically synchronized in the client’s case file.

cal bkr

Family Court – in this example attorney TED has an appearance in Family Law Court. The quick-pick list shows the available choices of court appointments for Family Law matters (“DOM” in Geni Law).┬áThe appointment is automatically synchronized in the client’s case file.

cal dom

Making appointments is completed with a few clicks. As soon as you select the client, all of the case name, number and client information is auto-filled. Set appointments by dragging the mouse from the start to end time on the desired date and press Enter.

For complete details about Geni Law’s automated and synchronized calendar system click here.

Calendar is a dream for management and staff to let everyone know when in-house meetings, court appearances or vacations are scheduled so adequate coverage is provided for potential and existing clients.

Geni Law provides unlimited Client, Case and Matter Management, Trust Accounting, Time Billing, Automatic Collections System, Checkbook and Accounting, Payroll*, Calendar & Task Control, In-House Direct Marketing, and Reports consisting of general financial plus unique and unparalleled financial, performance and advertising reports, plus more.

All information related to case, courts, opposing counsel, or any related party is entered once, saved in the database until revised manually, and available for merging with automatic documents and letters. The information can be sorted and printed in effective combinations; e.g., all cases concerning a certain judge or a particular court. This is a valuable follow-up tool for attorneys who have multiple cases pending at a certain court or with a certain judge.

Geni Law supports an unlimited number of synchronized, simultaneous users, clients, cases, and matters.

Geni Law resides on your office computer or laptop and is not dependent on the Internet.

You own it; the cost of the program is the lowest on the market:

$30 per user per month
*Payroll has separate pricing – see website
(all payable through

USE THIS AMAZING PROGRAM and start saving money. No contract or maintenance plan, and updates are free to paid subscribers. Stop anytime; download today – try it – you’ll like it!

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Geni Law uses any operating system, including Mac®, Linux® (nix) and all versions of Windows®. Mac® and Linux® require manual download.

Geni Law’s software is so extensive that the only equivalent software is too expensive for any solo or small-size firm. With Geni Law, you get large-firm practice management for just pennies a day.

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