“The Internet is down.” Four little words that are fast becoming a four-letter word.

So what? You can’t call anybody or check your calendar. You can’t access your clients’ files or documents or even your own accounting because everything is in the cloud. The court is down thus helping you to stay reasonably calm. So what? It will all be fixed in a day or two and you can spend an entire day catching up on accessing and returning all those missed emails and voicemails. If you’re lucky enough to have staff, well they can spend a day or two re-entering everything hoping that nothing was lost or over-looked.

So what? Two days of productivity and earnings gone forever. Everyone is in the same boat. Every day in every legal conference program, association meeting, article, blog, or tweet, there is something about cybersecurity or steps to take to “safeguard” your cloud practice. You can’t get away from it.

Recently, the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility issued Formal Opinion 477R on the subject of a lawyer’s ethical obligations to protect confidential client information when transmitting information relating to the representation over the internet. The opinion takes a fresh look at advances in technology and ever-increasing cybersecurity threats, and provides guidance as to when enhanced security measures are appropriate. Click to review the full opinion.

And while the American Bar Association has issued positive opinion after positive opinion as to not get in the way of the overwhelming move toward cloud computing, aren’t we really getting away from the height of ethics?

We’ve blown by those days when, setting a court date, the judge would propose three possible dates/times for hearing, allowing counsel to return to their offices to coordinate calendars and respond to the court. A lawyer said to me recently, “If I don’t have my calendar on me to set a date right then, I’ll be laughed out of court.” Oh yes, he was serious. Granted, there is a place for your mobile phone for instant calendar and phone calls. But what about client documents and firm accounting, trust accounting, management, and client billing?

The only way to make 100% sure your data is safe on the Internet is not to be on the Internet at all.

Dedicated servers, like Geni Law Office Software, are great for organizations such as law firms that require exceptionally high levels of data security or that have predictable demand necessitating all of their servers running 24x7x365. When stringent security is required, then dedicated hardware might be the best choice for a law firm.

And moving to a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid is not going to relieve you from the need of an IT specialist. Oh no. Many programs have features that are not “cloud ready,” and IT must work around these obstacles. Save your money. Take the less risky, less expensive, more certain path and store your data on your own server.

Geni Law Office Software provides non-cloud automation software that has been developed over more than 20 years by a group of attorneys, accountants and software gurus. The software has been used successfully throughout the Midwest privately by law firms large and small but now is being offered to the open market.


Geni Law is by far the most comprehensive law office software for the price on the market – bar none. You get more than what you pay for. Some programs that have half the features of Geni Law costs thousands of dollars per year. Most programs, especially the most popular, are cloud-based but you do not get all-in-one performance. They provide compatibility with third-party accounting software or document management software. With Geni Law you get it all.

Geni Law provides unlimited Client, Case and Matter Management, Trust Accounting, Time Billing, Automatic Collections System, Auto-Merge Document Production, General Accounting, Payroll*, Calendar & Task Control, In-House Direct Marketing, and Reports consisting of general financial plus unique and unparalleled financial, performance and advertising reports, plus more. Who else includes payroll in their software? No one!

All information related to client, case, court, or related party is entered once; saved in the database until revised manually; and available for merging with automatic documents, letters and all accounting and reporting features. The information can be sorted and printed in effective combinations; e.g., all cases concerning a certain judge or a particular court. This is a valuable follow-up tool for attorneys who have multiple cases pending at a certain court or with a certain judge. And critical business reports can be viewed or printed on-demand, up-to-the-minute when decision-makers need to be well-informed.

Geni Law can support an unlimited number of synchronized, simultaneous users, clients, cases, and matters.

And the price is perfect for any size office but especially tailored with a view to help young lawyers or small firms increase profits while decreasing expenses:

$30 per user per month
*Payroll has separate pricing – see website
(all payable through

No contract or maintenance plan, and updates are free to paid subscribers. Stop anytime with no cancellation fees. Customer Support, Tech Support and Training are available, of course; but Geni Law is designed with help screens, tool tips and quick-pick lists so you can learn as you go.

Geni Law uses any operating system, including Mac®, Linux® (nix) and all versions of Windows®. Mac® and Linux® require manual download.

Geni Law’s software is so extensive that the only equivalent software is too expensive for any solo or small-size firm. With Geni Law, you get large-firm practice management for just pennies a day.

Dare to compare Geni Law Office Software side-by-side with any other law practice software, and you will see that Geni Law accomplishes more and costs less!