Is a long-term contract required?
No. GENI LAW subscriptions are monthly, and you can quit anytime.

Do I have to pay extra for maintenance?
No. All software maintenance is included at no additional charge when you subscribe to the GENI LAW, and there are no maintenance plans or agreements. You are also entitled to software updates at no additional charge provided your subscription is paid currently.

What separates GENI LAW from other law firm software?
VALUE! GENI LAW allows an unlimited number of synchronized, simultaneous users to access an unlimited number of clients and cases plus any program feature directly or by remote access and provides instant, synchronized updates to all saved information entered by any user. Next, GENI LAW is the only turn-key law firm software available for just pennies per day. Also, GENI LAW can be used by in-house counsel or legal departments without disruption to other corporate software. In addition, GENI LAW is so easy to learn and simple to use that if you know how to send and receive email, you can use GENI LAW.

What will GENI LAW do for me?
Print for you every morning a list of all of the cases you need to work on that day, a list of your court docket for the next week, and an up-to-date collections analysis report.

While you are at lunch, GENI LAW automatically prepares and prints letters to clients that don’t pay as agreed.

At your request, GENI LAW will:

  • Print a statement to one or all of your clients for any time period.
  • Automatically complete a letter for you to a particular client about the status of his or her case.
  • Keep your cases organized by priority and date.
  • Keep your calendar and tasks organized and print them out for you.
  • Maintain your checkbook and reconcile the balance for you.
  • Keep your trust account and give you an accounting for each case.
  • Give you a cash position report for any time period you request.
  • Give you a performance report for each attorney for any time period.
  • Help you attract new clients by automatically preparing letters to prospective clients.

Is GENI LAW compatible with Mac®?
Yes. GENI LAW is compatible with Mac®, Linux® (nix) and all versions of Windows® operating systems and will work with any remote network protocol. Mac® and Linux® require manual download.

GENI LAW is a Java-based system and it is important to use the 32-bit version on Windows® for compatibility with OpenOffice®; on Linux® use the 64-bit version.

Do I have to purchase a separate SQL database package to run GENI LAW?
All of the components of GENI LAW software, including the SQL database, are included when the program is downloaded. These components are the Law program. The overall download time takes about 25 minutes.

How is GENI LAW different from other law office software?

  • designed to do electronically everything possible that a human would otherwise have to do.
  • low-cost, fully-integrated, server-based software; third-party software can be phased out over time.
  • the only software that allows you an unlimited number of simultaneous, synchronized users AND unlimited number of cases and clients. Perfect for special counsel and complex litigation cases.
  • simple — all client, case, billing, and financial information is entered one time and available to all program modules including the auto-document merge features.
  • complete electronic record of the case file including all financial information related to that case by date and hour.
  • streamlined, efficient and increases workflow while lowering costs.
  • what you need to comply with state trust accounting laws.
  • complete with management reports and a built-in marketing system to bring clients in your door.
  • easy, with built-in Help screens so you can learn as you go!

Why do I need OpenOffice®?
Many Master letters and documents downloaded with the program are available in OpenOffice® and Microsoft Word®. This includes all of the Personal Injury letters and documents downloaded free with the program.

Downloading OpenOffice® is an option. OpenOffice® is free, Java-based word processing, drawing, spreadsheet, and presentation software that does everything Microsoft Word® can do. OpenOffice® is necessary for the Help Screens and Tool Tips to run properly. In addition, the templates contained in the Master Documents templates are all created in OpenOffice® but can be easily converted to Microsoft Word® and stored on your server. In addition, GENI LAW can access and use any of your existing templates or documents with ease.

What do I do if I have questions about using GENI LAW?
GENI LAW includes Help Screens which are available for every screen by pressing the HELP button on the Taskbar when visible or by typing Ctrl+H when you are on an “overlay” screen. When hovering in any data field, GENI LAW provides you with convenient Tool Tips that show all of the possible data options that are available for that field. Quick-Pick Lists are also available for ease of selecting multiple choices. All these ways are designed to help you “learn as you go.”

Geni Support staff are available to assist you for free after you download the software immediately to help you complete the setup process, which began during the download, and to walk you through creating a case. Geni Support staff will assist you with accessing and using any of the features of the program. We are here to help you succeed.

If you find that you are struggling even after using the Help Screens, Tool Tips and Quick Pick Lists, please send your inquiries by email to GeniSupport@GeniLaw.com. Our Geni Support staff will most likely be able to answer your questions through email, phone or through the use of Team Viewer. Geni Support Services are billed at $60 per hour (15 minute minimum) and Technical Support Services are $90 per hour (one hour minimum). Payroll Support Services are billed at $90 per hour (one hour minimum).

You can have a “learning get-away” for the weekend for you and your family here in Branson, Missouri. We also offer customized training at your facility for a daily fee plus costs. Click on the Training-Support button for additional information. Please contact Geni Support by email at GeniSupport@GeniLaw.com to request a training proposal.

Can I ask questions before downloading GENI LAW software?
Yes. If you do not find the information you need posted on our website to make an informed decision about your choice of law firm management software, please feel free to email your questions to HireGeni@GeniLaw.com or to make an appointment for a FREE TEST DRIVE via Team Viewer.

Does my staff have access to sensitive financial information?
GENI LAW allows you to set permissions for any aspect of the accounting and management applications at any level when you create the employee’s record. This way you can allow an employee to pay bills and post client deposits without access to the Trust Accounting or Management Reports software.

Where are case-related documents stored?
GENI LAW stores all of the documents you create in the client’s case file by case number on your hard drive or server in the ‘genilaw’ file. Documents include letters and documents created in Geni CaseWork Manager; any scanned documents such as evidence, notes, post-its, phone messages; digital files such as photos, videos, voicemail messages. Emails must be scanned and saved in the client file and remain available in the email’s native application.

Can I talk to a Technical Support representative?
A significant amount of technical questions can be answered by our Geni Support staff, who are available for your questions by email at GeniSupport@GeniLaw.com. However, it is possible that your inquiry may be related to systems integration or systems support (as opposed to accessing and using any of the features of GENI LAW) and, therefore, will involve a member of our Technical Support staff. In such a case, please email your request to TechSupport@GeniLaw.com. Please allow 24-hours for a response. Your request will be analyzed and you will receive an estimate for your approval of the cost and time required to complete your request. Technical Support rates are billed at $90 per hour with a one hour minimum. Prices will be quoted for specialized programming services, such as work-arounds or integration of third-party data.

How will I receive updates?
Maintenance and software updates are available at no additional charge to customers with current-paid subscriptions.