Checkbook and Accounting

Checkbook & Accounting for Law Firms

Checkbook & Accounting is a powerful feature of the Geni Law Office Software’s Case Management program. Features of the Checkbook & Accounting include:


  • a Checkbook Register that integrates with your own chart of accounts numbers
  • a complete bill paying system suspensed by date payable
  • a checking account Reconciliation System and Report
  • allocate checks and deposits to separate profit centers and/or offices


  • the ability to setup bank accounts and chart of Accounts and post to the General Ledger
  • print a general ledger for any time period
  • create a Profit and Loss Report for any time period with the push of a button
  • generate a Balance Sheet for any date by a mouse click
  • get a Cash Position Report on demand


  • a complete vendor management database
  • prepare vendor IRS 1099 reports
  • designate vendors by type; such as, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, office supplies, etc.

Together, Case Management and Checkbook & Accounting give you the best possible platform to manage client case files, client billing and payments, and operate with best financial practices for all of your general accounting needs.