Client and Case Management

Case Management

CaseWork Manager is the hub of the Geni Law Office Software program and allows you to control who does what and when for each step in each case file. CaseWork Manager is an important productivity tool for a number of reasons:

Complete Electronic Case Record

It is an electronic, chronological record of an entire case, including documents, notes, email, and scanned documents and pictures, to perform case work without the need of the physical case file. Workflow efficiency is increased as the CaseWork Manager organizes up-to-the-minute case status, billing and payment status, case notes, and documents all on one screen. It also keeps a running track of completed and billed case tasks as well as case tasks that are yet to be completed and billed. CaseWork Manager is divided into at-a-glance sections covering work status, action date or deadline, billing and payments, case status, court information, assignments, notes, and more! CaseWork Manager handles an unlimited number of clients, cases and matters.

Organizes and Prioritizes

CaseWork Manager is a powerful tool to organize and prioritize case history, items completed and items to be completed for each case in chronological order by Action Date. The Action Date is the driving force of CaseWork Manager’s success in prioritizing case work. Your firm will avoid missed deadlines and complete assignments consistently. Each member of the firm, practice group or team can access CaseWork Manager, have instant knowledge of the case status, what work needs to be performed, and redirect work to others quickly in the event of unexpected absences due to emergency, accident or illness. Use the Action Date to coordinate calendars to assure coverage during vacations or in the event of a vacancy. CaseWork Manager generates vital case status information which can be viewed or printed in full case, summary or list form.

Action Dates

Case management and assessment is streamlined through CaseWork Manager. The program uses Action Dates that you set to create case Alerts – no missed deadlines! Alerts can be viewed or printed daily in summary or list form. Remove clutter from CaseWork Manager by deleting unused work items. New case tasks can be added anytime as the case progresses. Best of all, most insurance companies offer premium discounts when calendar and case management software is utilized. The CaseWork Manager is a case calendar and case management all-in-one application. Many firm’s have made using Geni Law Office Software part of their practice policy.

Synchronized with Calendar and Tasks

CaseWork Manager is integrated and synchronized with Geni’s Calendar and Tasks features, all work together to provide you with heads up reminders for looming deadlines or court dates to ensure adequate time to accomplish the task associated with that deadline. A number of law firm risk insurance carriers have included a premium discount program for firms using automated case calendar applications.

Case Notes

In CaseWork Manager you have the ability to write unlimited case notes that are automatically dated and time-stamped and bill the client for the notes at the time they are made.

Time Billing

Work is billed as it is completed without leaving CaseWork Manager. Client statements can be printed immediately if desired. This is one of the unique features of Geni Law Office Software, designed to streamline the work process and eliminate excessive steps for case work and case billing. When an item is billed, Geni prompts you whether the billed item is an earned fee or not. Through this single entry, all of your earned and billed fees information is made instantly available to the Trust Accounting software. Also, there is a visual flashing reminder on each case for clients that have not made a payment for 30 days as agreed and still owe the firm money.

Auto Fill-In of Court and Related Party Information

All information related to courts, opposing counsel or any related party is entered once, saved in the database until revised manually, and available for merging with automatic documents and letters created in CaseWork Manager. This information is also available for speed letter writing through the program’s Contact feature. The information can be sorted and printed in effective combinations in CaseWork Manager; i.e., all cases concerning a certain judge or a particular court. This is a helpful letter writing or case followup tool for attorneys who have multiple cases pending at a certain court or with a certain judge.

Automatic Documents and Letters

Draft pleadings, documents, correspondence, or spreadsheets quickly. The process is simplified when you select documents or letters that are automatically merged using the appropriate word processing or spreadsheet program. All merged documents and letters are automatically stored in the client’s electronic case file.

Full Reports

Information contained in CaseWork Manager is used to complete critical management reports such as productivity, case analysis, earned income analysis, client retention, referral analysis, and profitability at the staff, attorney, division, and company levels.

Automatic Creation of Case Task Checklist

The program is downloaded with hundreds of standard case tasks so that you can start using Geni immediately. When you create a new case and enter the code representing the case type, the CaseWork Manager automatically populates with the preset case task checklist for that particular type of case. The case task checklist is fully integrated to include line item billing entries and fees.

Manage Special Counsel and Complex Litigation

GENI LAW’s unique data allocation design provides the right platform for superior oversight and management of an unlimited number of special counsel contracts and expenses up to complex litigation cases. Here’s how: With GENI LAW you have the ability to set up an unlimited number of “Divisions” to represent not just your own attorneys and profit centers but mass tort and complex litigation cases as well. Divisions can be established to represent special counsel that you hire to handle issues such as labor and employment; business, real estate or construction contracts; regional agreements; general litigation matters; mass tort; and complex litigation cases. GENI LAW retains key Action Dates — set by you — for each case within each Division based on deadlines, milestones, critical court dates, or the next time you want the case to be brought to your attention. Some cases or contracts require daily or weekly review depending on the sensitivity or complexity of the matter, and some cases need only be reviewed on a periodic basis. You also have the ability to set the Priority of any case with “A” being the highest priority and “Y” being the lowest, which is most helpful in long, protracted cases or multiple cases with the same client. GENI LAW lowers overhead expenses because it is not limited to just your law practice; it is a self-contained, full-time special counsel manager, contract administrator, or litigation case manager.