Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting for Law Firms

For attorneys who practice in states that require a trust account, safeguarding client funds is easy with Geni’s Trust Accounting software. Whether you have one or several trust accounts at different financial institutions, Geni makes it easy to maintain and monitor client trust accounts in full compliance with state laws and best accounting practices.

Accounts for every penny for each case.

Geni helps you keep track of client funds that have been paid but not earned, which is so important in flat fee arrangements. The Trust Case Accounting Report details the entire trust record, including deposits and checks written, for a particular client or profit center, or for one office or multiple offices.

  • The Trust Accounting system is tied into the Earned Fees Measuring system and payments register
  • Keep track of client funds that have been paid but not earned
  • Instant access to amount of client fees that have been earned but not paid
  • Itemized and summarized reports for any given client, case, time frame, attorney, or profit center
  • With the click of a button, Geni Law calculates your earned fees and writes you a check!

Whether you are a solo practitioner, medium-size firm, or a law firm with 100 or more simultaneous users, you cannot afford to go another day without Geni helping you manage your practice.

Hire Geni now so you can start saving money and avoid risk management pitfalls today with Geni Trust Accounting.