Paid More Than Earned Report

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The Paid More Than Earned Report is a necessity for the decision-maker who wants an instant trust balance report to monitor client payments deposited to the trust account for legal fees that have been paid but have yet to be earned.

The program uses the Status Codes to calculate the percentage amount of fees that have been earned on the case. This amount is included in the line of financial information presented about each case in CaseWork Manager and Alerts for Case Summaries and changes only when the status codes are changed. However, if a percentage of completion is entered manually that represents an earned fees amount that is higher than the amount equal to the present status codes, the program lists the higher amount.

Report results can be tailored by division, case type and status code. The following results are printed for all clients based on how the report is tailored: Action Date, Case Number, Client Code, Court Code, Status Code, Status Date, Last Payment Date, Total Charges, Total Payments, Total Earned, Trust Balance, and Paid More Than Earned Balance.

Click on CASEWORK > PAID MORE THAN EARNED REPORT on the main Taskbar from anywhere in the Geni Law program.
paid more than earned dropdown
Immediately upon clicking the tab, the print overlay screen opens:
paid more than earned trust overlay
Please make the following selections:
DIV Enter Division from quick-pick list; default is “ALL”
CASE TYPE Enter Case Type from quick-pick list; default is “ALL”
STATUS Enter Status Codes from quick-pick list; default is “ALL”
Order of Printing A = Action Date; C = Client Code; D = Status Code Date; O = Original Date; S = Status Code; T = Case Type; W = WIP Date
Active Select “A”ctive, “I”nactive or “B”oth; default is “A”

Select print to “S”creen or “P”rinter; default is “P”rinter

Enter number of copies

Press Print for print results or ESC to return to the previous screen