Auto-Doc Memorized Questions

Ways to get help while you work:

  • Handy Tool Tips
    for each field on every screen. When you hover in a particular field, Geni gives you hints about the information that should appear in the field; in addition, if more than one answer is available, Geni displays all of the possible entries for quick reference and selection.
  • Quick-Pick Lists
    are generated from integrated data contained in the setup, case management and accounting features of the program to make data selection quicker and learning how to use Geni faster.
  • Help Screens
    are available by pressing the Help button on the Taskbar at each level of the program or Ctrl+H on pop-up screens so each user can “learn as you go.”

When creating a document or letter (“document”), Geni Law selects the following information that has been entered once to merge automatically with a pre-coded document included with the download, as is the case for Personal Injury documents, or purchased separately:

  • client
  • case
  • attorney (REP)
  • company
  • court
  • related party
  • billing and payments

With Memorized Questions, you enter once critical and unique case information that has nothing to do with the above — just the case itself. This information is derived from the Intake Forms, the initial Client Interview, or additional case-related “homework” forms that you send home with the client to complete. It is this information that is associated with Memorized Questions.

Here you will get repetitive work done quickly when creating an automatic document or letter. The Geni Law program is downloaded with hundreds of standard questions and codes so that you can begin using or creating master templates for documents and letters. Personal Injury documents and letters are included with the download for free!

With Geni Law’s Memorized Questions feature, start right away to create case documents without fumbling through loose notes, save time, and eliminate costly errors. Create a set of corresponding questions and codes that are common in every case to merge into each document or letter you create in the client’s case file in CaseWork Manager. Questions and codes vary by practice area and case type. And, you have the ability to add or delete Memorized Questions wherever needed.

On the main Taskbar, click SETUP > MEMORIZED QUESTIONS SETUP from anywhere in the Geni Law program.

memorized questions

Upon clicking the Memorized Questions Setup tab, the profile screen opens:

memorized questions profile

As you can see by the number circled in red above, there are hundreds of Memorized Questions already entered in the program including questions that can be used for any type of case.

There are four fields of information, and all fields must be completed. When creating your own Memorized Questions, enter the information by tabbing through the following fields:

DIV: Enter the Division that will be using the question; default is “ALL”
WO TYPE: Enter the case type; default is “ALL”
QUESTION CODE: Create a merge code to place in the document (18 characters available)
QUESTION: Description of the information that will merge into the document

Press Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Enter to save the each item and before leaving the Setup Memorized Questions screen.

After entering and saving the information for the first Memorized (Auto-Doc) Questions item, that item will appear in a clear row directly above an empty, highlighted row. As you continue to work in the Setup Memorized Questions screen, the gray highlight bar will default to an empty row at the bottom, and all of the created Memorized Questions items will appear in ascending order above the empty row. Each time you enter the Setup Memorized Questions screen, an empty, highlighted row will always appear at the bottom of the screen. The gray highlight bar will move up or down to other Memorized Questions rows as you use the arrow or Page Up/Page Down keys.

To delete a data row or profile, place the cursor on the item to be deleted, press Ctrl+Delete and answer “Yes” to the prompt.

Upon opening the Alerts for Case Summaries screen (a list of your cases by Action Date and Priority), a Memorized Question button appears at the top of the screen, highlighted here in yellow:

memorized questions button highlightedNotice that the cursor is highlighted (grayed-out) on a new Personal Injury case. At this point, you can click on the Memorized Questions button and begin to fill in pertinent case data; e.g., date of accident, all known related parties, number of days lost, lost wages, and employer and medical provider information. The Memorized Question button also appears in the case file in CaseWork Manager giving you the option to fill in the answers while working in the case file.

memorized questions listClick SEARCH to search the Auto-Doc Questions list. This database is searchable by Case Type (Work Order) or Question Code.

Press PRINT to print a complete list of Auto-Doc Questions.

Press ESC to return to the previous screen.