Calendar Setup

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The Geni Law Calendar features can be tailored to your law firm’s procedures to provide heads up reminders for looming deadlines and adequate time to accomplish the task associated with that deadline.

The Geni Law program’s automated calendaring system is synchronized to CaseWork Manager to mitigate malpractice related risks. You should also see an immediate reduction in your insurance premium by virtue of using the Geni Law program!

On the main Taskbar, click on SETUP > CALENDAR SETUP to open and access calendar setup.

setup calendar

The Setup Calendar profile screen opens. The Calendar is fully customizable to suit your preferences.

setup calendar profile

Enter the information by tabbing through the four fields: Group, Label, Rep Codes, and Min (Minutes). It’s easy – just replace the existing Rep Codes that you see with the ones you want to use. To delete an unused entry, place the cursor on the entry, press Ctrl+Delete and answer YES to the prompt. To add Reps, enter the Rep Codes in the red letter area on the last line and press Ctrl+Enter to save the entry.

Appointments can be setup in increments of 15 or 30 minutes depending upon your appointment scheduling preferences. The program default is 30 minutes.

Enter the Code for each Representative in the “Label” and “Rep Code” fields to setup individual calendars.

To setup a firmwide calendar, enter “All” in the “Group” and “Label” fields then enter each Representative Code separated by a space in the “Rep Codes” field.

You can also create group calendars for practice areas or case type. For example, for an Estate Planning Group calendar enter “EST” in the “Label” field.

Press Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Enter to save the information before leaving the Setup Calendar screen.

To delete a data row or profile, highlight the item to be deleted, press Ctrl+Delete, and answer “Yes” to the pop up question.

Press PRINT to print the Calendar database.

Press ESC to return to the previous screen.