Ways to get help while you work:

  • Handy Tool Tips
    for each field on every screen. When you hover in a particular field, Geni gives you hints about the information that should appear in the field; in addition, if more than one answer is available, Geni displays all of the possible entries for quick reference and selection.
  • Quick-Pick Lists
    are generated from integrated data contained in the setup, case management and accounting features of the program to make data selection quicker and learning how to use Geni faster.
  • Help Screens
    are available by pressing the Help button on the Taskbar at each level of the program or Ctrl+H on pop-up screens so each user can “learn as you go.”

Use Message/Description to create greetings, notices or important notes to print at the bottom of each statement. The feature is flexible to allow a customized Message/Description for a particular statement, or print a universal message to print on every statement.

From the main Taskbar, click on SETUP > MESSAGE/DESCRIPTION SETUP from anywhere in the Geni Law program.

setup message

Upon clicking the Message/Description Setup Tab, the profile screen opens:

setup message profile

Saved Messages are stored at the top of the screen. New Messages are created at the bottom of the screen as indicated above by the arrow.

Tab through the following fields to create a Message/Description:

CODE: A three-letter code assigned to the message

MESSAGE: Enter message (up to 90 characters) to be displayed

Press Ctrl+Enter to save the each item and before leaving the Setup Message/Description screen.

After entering and pressing Ctrl+Enter to save the information for the first Message/Description item, that item will appear in a clear row at the top of the screen. As you continue to work in the Setup Message/Description screen, the gray highlight bar will default to an empty row at the bottom, and all of the created Message/Description items will appear in ascending order at the top of the screen. Each time you enter the Setup Message/Description screen, an empty, highlighted row will always appear at the bottom of the screen. Use tab or the arrow keys to move up and down the saved Message/Description fields.

To delete a data row or profile, place the cursor on the item to be deleted, press Ctrl+Delete and answer “Yes” to the prompt.

The SEARCH feature is not used on the Message/Description screen because the full Message/Description list is displayed when the screen is opened.

Press the PRINT button to print a complete Message/Description list.

Press ESC to return to the previous screen.