Ways to get help while you work

  • Handy Tool Tips
    for each field on every screen. When you hover in a particular field, Geni gives you hints about the information that should appear in the field; in addition, if more than one answer is available, Geni displays all of the possible entries for quick reference and selection.
  • Quick-Pick Lists
    are generated from integrated data contained in the setup, case management and accounting features of the program to make data selection quicker and learning how to use Geni faster.
  • Help Screens
    are available by pressing the Help button on the Taskbar at each level of the program or Ctrl+H on pop-up screens so each user can “learn as you go.”

This section explains the selections contained in the OTHER tab on the main Taskbar. With these selections you have the ability to store forms, firm manuals, switch company, division, representative, or set User Preferences without leaving Geni Law. And with Utilities, you can perform some critical and not so critical technical maneuvers, some of which require the assistance of our technical staff.


Immediately upon clicking OTHER on the main Taskbar, a drop down menu appears:

other dropdown

The following is an explanation of each selection:

User Preferences User Preferences are available for each user to set up his/her desktop; instructions for User Preferences are provided here
Forms Here you can store the Forms used by your firm
Manuals Here you can store the various Manuals developed by your firm
Pick Div Select a different Division; a quick-pick list appears. Upon choosing a Division, CaseWork Manager will show only cases contained in the selected Division until another Division is chosen.
Pick Rep Select a different Representative; a quick-pick list appears. Upon choosing a Representative, CaseWork Manager will only show cases contained in the selected Rep until another Rep is chosen.
Pick Co Select a different Company; a quick-pick list appears. You have the ability to change or switch back and forth between Companies and do work in the Geni Law program. Upon choosing a Company, CaseWork Manager will only show cases contained in the selected Company until another Company is chosen.
Utilities Force Bill / Pay Update (consult TechSupport@GeniLaw.com before using)
Force Earned Items Update (consult TechSupport@GeniLaw.com before using)
Force Trust Balance Update (consult TechSupport@GeniLaw.com before using)
Find Non-Balancing Split Entries
Test Pre-Calced Fields
Quarterly Report Archive Data
Division Evaluation Report Data
Division Evaluation Auto Archiver
Rename Division: The first step is to set up the new Division in Setup > Division. Reopen Rename Division. When the screen opens, enter the old Division Code in the first field, enter the new Division in the second field, then press Rename Division.
Merge Division
Rename Company
Exit Click to exit Geni Law