Summary Report

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The Summary Report is a valuable tool that can be used to show attorney and staff performance and client receipts on a daily basis. The Summary Report is accessed through CaseWork Manager and Management Reports. In Setup Summary Report, you will customize reports to track daily productivity and financial performance for each Division, Case Type, or sub-groups within a Case Type as follows:

  • Number of New Client Appointments Made
  • Number of New Client Appointments Kept
  • Number of WIPs (prospective clients that converted to retained clients and made a first payment towards the retainer amount)
  • Total Charges
  • Total Collections

Sub-groups are especially convenient for family and criminal law areas where case types are broken down into multiple sub-categories. The full flexibility of the Summary Report also features the ability to set goals in addition to existing milestones to track expanded performance expectations.

Click on SETUP > REPORTS SETUP > SUMMARY REPORT on the main Tasbar:

setup summary report taskbar

Immediately upon clicking Summary Report, the Setup Summary Report screen opens.

summary report setup

Enter data by tabbing through the following fields:

DEFAULT DIVISIONS Enter up to ten Division codes from the quick-pick list
DEFAULT REP Enter up to ten Rep codes from the quick-pick list
EXC Here you have the ability to “Exclude” a Division; select Division from the quick-pick list
DEFAULT WORK ORDER (CASE TYPE) CODE Enter up to ten Case Type Codes from the quick-pick list
CASE TYPE SUB-GROUPS Enter the case type code for each sub-group
REP2 CODE In CaseWork Manager, attorneys and assistants are assigned the following codes: DIV, REP1, and REP2. The DIV and REP1 codes are generally for attorneys assigned to a case and the REP2 code is generally for the legal assistant assigned to a case. Enter the REP2 code from the quick-pick list. If there is no REP2 code, the field will be left blank.

Press Ctrl+Enter to save the each item and before leaving the Setup Summary Report screen.

The SEARCH feature is not used on the Summary Report screen because all of the report information is displayed when the Setup screen is opened.

The Report can be viewed on-screen or press PRINT to print the Summary Report results.