Management Reports



Management Reports consist of financial, performance and advertising reports that are designed to provide the firm’s management with up-to-the-minute data critical to making informed, quality decisions for one or multiple offices.

Any report can be printed on-demand, at any time, from anywhere in the Geni Law program, to give you instant access to the firm’s vital information.

Best of all, Geni is able to set up profit centers to keep track of profitability of each department or division and yet can combine all of the departments or divisions together for consolidated reports:

Cash Position Quarterly Report Source Report
Aged Receivables Case Completed Items Case Type Source Report
Profit & Loss Billing Analysis
Balance Sheet Collections Analysis
General Ledger Retained Client (WIP) Analysis
Bankruptcy Court Billing Report New Appointments Analysis Report
Summary Report
Case Analysis
Status Analysis
Full Paid – Not Filed
Case Completed Items
Management reports provide the crucial information needed to actually manage your business finances and performance.