Balance Sheet

Ways to get help while you work:

  • Handy Tool Tips
    for each field on every screen. When you hover in a particular field, Geni gives you hints about the information that should appear in the field; in addition, if more than one answer is available, Geni displays all of the possible entries for quick reference and selection.
  • Quick-Pick Lists
    are generated from integrated data contained in the setup, case management and accounting features of the program to make data selection quicker and learning how to use Geni faster.
  • Help Screens
    are available by pressing the Help button on the Taskbar at each level of the program or Ctrl+H on pop-up screens so each user can “learn as you go.”
Show Assets, Liabilities and Equity by Date


This financial report shows the company’s financial assets, liabilities and owner’s equity as of a specific date providing management with basic tools for analyzing company trends.

Click MARKETING > REPORTS > FINANCIAL REPORTS > BALANCE SHEET REPORT to open the Balance Sheet Report print screen. Please make the following selections:

  • Enter desired end date
  • Select print to “S”creen or “P”rinter; default is “P”rinter
  • Enter number of copies
  • Click Print for print results
  • Press ESC to return to the previous screen