Direct Mail

Ways to get help while you work:

  • Handy Tool Tips
    for each field on every screen. When you hover in a particular field, Geni gives you hints about the information that should appear in the field; in addition, if more than one answer is available, Geni displays all of the possible entries for quick reference and selection.
  • Quick-Pick Lists
    are generated from integrated data contained in the setup, case management and accounting features of the program to make data selection quicker and learning how to use Geni faster.
  • Help Screens
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Marketing to Potential Clients through Geni Law’s direct mail system is a breeze. Here you will find step-by-step instructions how to set up and reach out to Potential Clients:

  • Potential Client Profile
  • Entering Data (Manually)
  • Sending Letters or Emails
  • Export Potential Client to Active Client Database
  • Search Potential Clients
  • Print Potential Clients


Access the Potential Clients database from anywhere in the Geni Law program by clicking MARKETING > POTENTIAL CLIENTS on the TASKBAR.

potentialsDid you notice the New Case button? You can create a New Case/Client even while working in Potential Clients!

Immediately upon clicking the Potential Clients tab, the Potential Clients database screen opens:

potentials samples

Entering Data (Manually)

Use information obtained from the client on the client intake form, website contact information, or information obtained from an outside source to complete the profile fields and create a potential client.

When you click open the Potential Clients database, the screen always opens to an empty profile that is highlighted with a gray bar. You can scroll up and down with the gray bar using the arrow keys to find a certain name, or more simply use the Search feature (explained below). Here is a blank profile screen with explanations for each field:

potentials profile

DIV- Enter the DIV code from the quick-pick list
CT- Enter the Case Type from the quick-pick list
REP- Enter the REP code from the quick-pick list; can be left blank
GP- Enter “P” for individual person or “B” for a business; default is “P”
OD- Original Date profile is created; auto-filled by the program
EVENT DATE- This refers to an incident date such as date of arrest/ticket in a criminal matter or complaint or judgment date in a bankruptcy matter if you are using a docket gathering service
CODE- This is the Name Code; auto-filled by the program
NAM1- Enter name of potential client, including initials if that is how the name is presented
TITLE- Enter the Title from the quick-pick list
SALU- Enter the Salutation; generally the first name; can be left blank if using EMAIL
AD- Enter the address; include Suite or Apartment numbers if there is room
AD2- Enter additional address information if necessary
ZIP- Enter Zip Code and press Tab
CTY- City auto-fills
ST- State auto-fills
COURT- Enter Court from the quick-pick list (if known)
SRC- Enter the Source of the potential client from the quick-pick list if it is other than a criminal docket
PHO C- Enter cell phone number
PHO H- Enter home phone number
PHO W- Enter work phone number
FAX- Enter fax number (work or home, whatever information is available)
EMAIL- Enter email address
small box In the small box next to EMAIL, enter “N” for Not Current Email
VARF- Skip
REF CODE- Referred By; this can be a person or a source; can be left blank
CONTACT- Enter First Name if using EMAIL; can be left blank if printing letters
empty field Area auto-fills with the quantity, date and Code of letter or email sent; e.g., “1 ltr 10/15/2016 ALLBKR-Appr… “
NCA- small box Enter “N” for Not Current Address
QUICK NOTES- A generous amount of space that can be used to denote charges in a criminal matter or the import source of a database; can be left blank

Sending Letters or Emails

Use the following steps to send letters or emails to Potential Clients. Click MARKETING > POTENTIAL CLIENTS on the main Taskbar and the Potential Clients database opens:

potentials contact

Click on the Contact button. Immediately upon clicking the Contact button, the Contact overlay screen opens:

potentials with contact dropdown

Please choose from the following options to general automatic direct mail letters:

To Whom? Select the DIV from the quick-pick list; default is All
Event Date Insert the incident date as explained above
State Enter State from quick-pick list; default is All
Zip Enter Zip; default is All
Send by email? Default is No; if you enter “Y”es two more fields open:
Subject of email? Enter email subject line
Send email using address Enter the email address of the sender; can be an individual name, the firm name or a specialized group email created for certain types of email, or a general email box
Letter Code Click on the field and a quick-pick list of the stylized letters/emails you have created just for mailing to potential clients appears; select the letter or email
Date Letter The default date is the current date; press enter in the date field and the Calendar pops up for you to select a future date
How many LIMIT: the number can be 1 to 1000 or more; enter the number if you know it. However, it may be best to send mass marketing letters/emails in small batches to control print quality and costs in the case of sending letters

Press the Merge button to merge the selected Potential Clients database with the coded document to send letters or email. The first letter will open up in the native application assigned to the letters (i.e., OpenOffice or Microsoft Word). Letters can be reviewed and revised if necessary, printed and saved to a folder (if desired). The exception is with Email. All Email will be sent automatically.

NOTE: Generating email correspondence requires knowledge of plain text and HTML and special coding for the subject line. Please contact if you experience difficulty using this feature.

Search Potential Clients

Click on the SEARCH button in the Potential Clients database. Immediately upon clicking the SEARCH button the Search overlay screen opens. Use one or a combination of options to locate the desired profile:

potentials search

Client Code Select the name from the quick-pick list if the list is not too big; otherwise, start typing the last name first and click on the name when found
Email Enter the email address if known
Rep Code Enter the Rep Code from the quick-pick list
Event Date Enter the Event Date if known; default is current date
Case Type Enter the Case Type from the quick-pick list
Zip Enter the Zip Code
State Enter the State from the quick-pick list

Press Enter for the results or ESC to return to the previous screen.

Export Potential Client to Active Client Database

You can convert a potential client to an active client with the click of a button! Search for the desired potential client profile using the search instructions. The profile will be presented with a gray highlight bar on it. Confirm it is the correct profile and make any necessary revisions with respect to contact information. When you are ready, press the DO WORK button:

potentials do work

Instantaneously the profile is sent to the Active Database and assigned a case number. This information is made available to all features of the Geni Law program without you having to do anything else.

Print Potential Clients

Click on the PRINT button in the Potential Clients database. Immediately upon clicking the PRINT button the print overlay screen opens.

print potentials

Please make the following selections:

Select Start Date; default is current date

Select End Date; default is current date

Client Code; start typing the client’s name last name first and then click on it when it appears; the default is ALL

Rep Code: Enter the Rep Code from the quick-pick list; the default is ALL

SOURCE: Enter the Source from the quick-pick list; the default is ALL

WO1: Enter the division from the quick-pick list; the default is ALL

Zip Code: Enter the zip code

Print to “Screen” or “Printer”; default is Printer

Press Print for the results or ESC to return to the previous screen.