What Our Customers Have to Say

Here is a sample of what many satisfied users have to say about Geni Law Office Software:

“This one program had everything I needed to computerize my law office.”

Holly M., Attorney

“This is a great program. I am switching because Geni does more, costs less and is not dependent on the Internet.”

Cathy N., Attorney

“In 15 years of using this program, our attorneys have never missed a court date.”

LaDonna G., Office Manager

“This was easy to learn and is simple to use.”

Shirley M., Real Estate Agent

“Geni is a total package when it comes to handling all aspects of a law office. After having used the software for quite some time, I can’t imagine day-to-day operations without it.”

Linda R., Office Manager

Geni Law Office Software is a product of Geni Financial Services, Inc., who has committed decades to research, development and field testing in numerous law offices throughout the Midwest. Geni Law Office Software is the only software you will ever need to manage all aspects of your law office.